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Temple Prince Run 2


Prince Temple Run 2Run with prince temple, go run and chase a beauty girl

Prince Temple Run 2 is a subway themed temple rush game. Run alongside prince subway railway, chase after hot beauty princess, catch to own them forever. Search every dungeon, castle, mountain valley, manor and harvest farm, find the most beautiful girl, and take her to a safehold, escape from evil dragon, dark temple bat.Prince Temple Run 2 is a free endless run game for android. Surf in unknown dawn subway, follow the smell of the beauty to find them, and run for survival. You must face hostile ninja and samurai assassin. They are powerful ancient hunter, legend animal shape shifter. Free to play temple adventure Intensive and exciting running game experienceSmooth run controlExplore sacred temple dungeonAmazing subway run game rhythmBeautiful temple scenesVivid dark subway living creatures animationDeep dark cliff to jump overAware of dark tree shape shifter, dark fairy queenPrince Temple Run 2 is a subway running game. Run, jump, dash and surfer on railway, rush out of hellfire. Slide and turn left or right to dodge temple relic, jump to cross rivers, speed up to pass through subway themed harvest farm manor. Swing to avoid the cliff, drag the beauty to escape from running subway beast, escape from Alpha werewolf, vampire prince, Albion dragon, and dead zombies and flying bat monkey, to be the best subway runner in the world.enjoy fun run game!